5925 Baum Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15206 | 412-665-2880
A Unique Location with Two Different Restaurants
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The Twisted Frenchman Restaurant | Modern French Tasting Menus | Pittsburgh, PA
The Twisted Frenchman  Restaurant | 5925 Baum Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15206

The Twisted Frenchman Restaurant


Modern French Tasting Menus

La Riviera Bistro - A Casual French Bistro with Inspiration from Mediterranean Flavors | Pittsburgh, PA
La Riviera Bistro Restaurant | 5925 Baum Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15206

La Riviera Bistro


Tastes of the French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian Riviera

The Twisted Frenchman and La Riviera Bistro are offering you the opportunity to take some beautiful and delicious desserts home for the holidays.
Our in-house pastry program - Harrison's Fine Pastries will be accepting orders now through New Year's Eve.

Order Options:

Cake - 8" Diameter - $27 (serves 8-10)
Available Flavors:
Vanilla & Praline Cheesecake | Chocolate & Caramel Entremet

Pies & Tarts - 9.5" Diameter - $29 (serves 9-11)
Available Flavors:
Bourbon Pecan Pie | Lemon Meringue Tart | Chocolate & Espresso Tart

Box of 6 Pastries - $35
Available Flavors:
Bourbon Pecan Pie | Vanilla & Praline Cheesecake | Lemon Meringue Tart | Chocolate & Caramel Entremet | Lemon Bar Mousse | Chocolate & Espresso Tart | Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate Éclair

NOTE: All pastries contain nuts

The Vanilla & Praline Cheesecake, Chocolate & Caramel Entremet, and Lemon Bar Mousse can be made nut-free with 2 days notice on your order.

To Place an Order
Call: 412-665-2880

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